We are authorized to repair:

DeWaltPorter CableBostitchMilwaukeeBoschHitachiMakita and many more. 
Power tools are essential for a contractor’s day to day life. When they break, the time lost costs them more and more the longer the malfunction interferes. Keystone LLC has the experience and authorization to work on most major brand power tools. Get the dependable and professional repairs you need to continue your project confidently. Bring your tools to our store today! We offer repair services. 

Tools & Products

Keystone Tools & Supply stock thousands of tools, and accessories. We are guaranteed to have, or can order the tools you need for your specific project. Time and time again we have helped local contractors stay on a demanding deadline by providing the tools they require to complete the job. Do you need a tool right away? Count on Keystone Tools & Supply to save the day! Stop on by at our Harrisburg or Myerstown location to check out our inventory of Tools and construction supplies.

How it Works

We are pros in tool repair. We have a large inventory and a quick turnaround time.


Drop off your tool at either our Harrisburg or Myerstown location.


We’ll evaluate your tool. If the repair doesn’t cost more than 50% of a new tool, we will just fix it.


Pick up your repaired tools in 2-3 weeks

Our experts are here to help

Have a question or need some assistance? Our team is here for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

If the repair doesn’t cost more than 50% of a new tool, we will just fix it. We provide quotes if it will cost more.

-Your tool will be repaired in 2-3 weeks. 

 -We don’t charge an examination fee when purchasing a new tool from our store to replace your broken tool. 

We don’t repair Black & Decker or Ryobi